Lulu and Rara by Yasuko Ambiru
Lulu and Rara own a little pretty confectionary shop in Maple Street. Let'ssee what people are coming to shop there. Each book of this series,especially popular among girls, is full of illustrations and recipes for sweetsand desserts simple enough for children. Enjoy both reading and cooking.

Age 6 ups, 72 pages, 220x160mm Rights sold : Taiwan, China, Indonesia
Book list
Vol. 1
Lulu and Rara's Cup Cakes
Lulu and Rara open their new sweet shop in Maple Street. They can't wait for their first customer to come!
Vol. 2
Lulu and Rara's Fancy Cookies
Lulu and Rara are going to "The Tree in the Middle" the day after the next full moon in order to see if the rumor is true that the tree bears a lot of cookies.

However, they will find something they have never expected.
Vol. 3
Lulu and Rara's Sparkling Jellies
A fairy is sent from the woods to the shop to order a dessert for the Queen's next birthday.

Lulu and Rara try to think of something nice for the Queen, who has great passion for jewelry.
Vol. 4
Lulu and Rara's Heavenly Marshmallows
The old sylph, a sprit of the air, decides to open "The Gallery of Clouds," but she hasn't been able to get one exhibit yet: "Pink-Heart Cloud at the Foot of the Rainbow."

What can Lulu and Rara do to help her find it?
Vol. 5
Lulu and Rara's Chocolates for Millie
The day before Chocolate Day, Lulu and Rara come up with a great idea of chocolates to grant a wish of Millie the Rabbit.
Vol. 6
Lulu and Rara's Pay-It-Forward Ice Cream
Every creature in the woods is really into the "Relay of Thank You Letters" these days. The concept of the letters is that, instead of just thanking directly the person who helped them, they should help someone else, as their gratitude.
Vol. 7
Lulu and Rara's Strawberry Dessert
Spring has come to the woods! Lulu and Rara are making a lot of sweets using ripe strawberries to celebrate the season.

Recipes for strawberry desserts are also included.
Vol. 8
Lulu and Rara's Custard Pudding à la Mode
It is the harvest season in the woods. Lulu and Rara are making various kinds of beautiful yellow mouth-watering puddings for the party.
Vol. 9
Lulu and Rara's Angel Cakes
Receiving an order for a cake that is snow-white like an angel's wing, Lulu and Rara try making cheesecakes.
Vol. 10
Lulu and Rara's Sweet Potatoes
No one can imagine that Lulu and Rara can make such gorgeous desserts out of ordinary sweet potatoes!

The recipes included here are full of autumnal tastes.
Vol. 11
Lulu and Rara's Sherbet
During their summer holiday, Lulu and Rara try a cool dessert, a treat for the hot season.

Recipes for refreshing sherbets are included.