Yasuko Ambiru
Place of birth: Gumma Pref. , Japan

Career: After studying Japanese literature at Tokai University, she got a job for a TV animation.

Selected works:
  • Christmas in the Woods, Who Has Lost This? (Bandai)
  • Tales from the Magic Garden Series (Poplar)
  • The Woods on a Little Island Series (Hisakata Child)
  • Lulu and Rara Series (Iwasaki Publishing)
  • Little Witch Co. - Dress Remaking Shop Series (Iwasaki Publishing)
  • Antique FUGA Series (Iwasaki Publishing)
Special Interview
INTERVIEWER:How did you create your unique characters such as Lulu and Rara, and Little Witch Co.?
YASUKO AMBIRU:Everyone has his/her own good aspects of personality and I try to enhance them in my characters. I also try to make my characters familiar to the readers so that the readers can empathize with them easily.
I.:How do you pick a theme or a topic of each story?
Y. A.:The materials for my stories are in everybody's daily life ̶ something that can happen to anyone in their life.
I.:What is good and what is tough about doing both the story-writing and the illustrating in one book?
Y. A.:It's good that I can construct my own view of the world completely in my stories, but it's quite time-consuming.
I.:Is there any author or artist, Japanese or foreign, you like a lot?
Y. A.:I like Irene Haas and Janet Ahlberg.
I.:What does "creating books" mean to you?
Y. A.:It's my job and hobby. It's really fortunate that I love what I do.
I.:Could you tell us about your future ambition?
Y. A.:I wish to create new books, and new series.
I.:Do you like travelling abroad? What kind of places do you like to go, and what do you like to do there? And does it help when you create books?
Y. A.:I like England and small villages in Europe. Recently I went to Germany and France (Alsace) and enjoyed the atmosphere of Christmas season. I hope it will help my new books.
I.:How do you feel when your books are translated and published in other countries?
Y. A.:I'm happy that my books are read by children in foreign countries and I hope children from all over the world will enjoy them.
I.:Do you have any message to children (all over the world)?
Y. A.:Always have a dream.