Antique FUGA by Yasuko Ambiru Totoya
A thirteen-year-old Fuga was moving out to stay with his relative, who lives nearby. His parents mysteriously disappeared six months before. As he was packing his belongings, he found a French horn, which had been given from his father to him, and then he saw a spirit appear from it. Shaniah came to stay with Fuga as his older brother. They start the antique shop that his parents used to own. As they operate the shop, Fuga also learns to see the spirit of antiques. One day a lady comes to the shop and asks them to give an expert opinion on the antique objects she keeps at home. Every episode features different antique items and Fuga challenges himself to solve difficult problems with his brothers.

Age 11 ups, 216 pages, 190x 130mm Rights sold : Taiwan
Book list
Vol. 1
Antique FUGA 1 - I Am Shaniah
After his parents got missing, Fuga makes a brotherhood contract with Shaniah and they start an antique shop.
Vol. 2
Antique FUGA 2 - A Spirit with a Dual Soul
Fuga and Shaniah named their shop FUGA.

As they deal with a case of a Kakiemon vase, they discover an unexpected figure of the spirit dwelling in the vase.
Vol. 3
Antique FUGA 3 - The King in Kimeira
The spirit, dwelling in a piece of jewelry by a nineteenth-century jeweller René Lalique, had a wish.

Fuga and Shaniah struggle to make its wish come true.
Vol. 4
Antique FUGA 4 - A Treasure Hunt in the Sleepy Woods
They have come to England in pursuit of Fuga's parents and happened to make an appraisal of an old suburban manor house for sale.

The house turns out to be a well-known "Haunted Mansion."
Vol. 5
Antique FUGA 5 - The Babylonian Scarlet Eyes
Fuga's search for his parents is coming to the climax. They finally obtained the pendant that his parents are locked in.

How are they going to save them out?
Vol. 6
Antique FUGA 6 -