The Herb Witch is a popular series by Yasuko Ambiru.

The cute girl Jarret and her friends have many fun stories.

SIZE:205×155mm EXTENT:143 STYLE:Cased-in AGE:10+ Rights sold:Taiwan
Book list
Vol. 1
Herb Witch’s Mysterious Recipe
Jarret is a girl. She received a mysterious letter and she inherited belongings of the Topaz family…

Vol. 2
The Witch 2nd’s Herbal Tea
Jarret opened a dragstore.
Her first customer was a girl of the same age as her…

Vol. 3
Small Magic of Peppermint
To the village where Jarret lived the same age girl moved.
Jarret and Sue visited her to say hello.

Vol. 4
Tajji,Majji & The 3 Witches
At the village festival, Jarret and her friends opened a store of Magic and flowers…

Vol. 5
Nice Magic Everybody Makes
Due to cold weather, the village festival was postponed.
One day, the winter fairy visited her…

Vol. 6
Piano Lesson in the Magic Garden
Jarret received a good news!
Her parents who were musicians would return to the village…

Vol. 7
Jarret & the Witch in The Rose Valley
It was a season of rose.
The Witche of the Rose Valley came.

Vol. 8
Dreamy Potpourri & The 3 Witches
Autumn has come in the Magic Garden.
As everyone is looking for Christmas gifts, Jarret decided to make "Herbs for Christmas" .

Vol. 9
The Magical Night of the Fairies
Jarret has to make "a candle for the midsummer festival" for the fairies. However, she can only think about "How will the previous witch do?" and cannot come across with her own idea.....

Vol. 10
The Selfish Princess and Magical Roses
A girl staying at Sue’s hotel is selfish enough to request spring flowers, though it is now autumn. Puzzled Sue asks Jarret for her advice.....

Vol. 11
The Queen’s Purple Magic
Sunny season has come and it is time for the festival in the village. Jarret and her friends decide to make presents of herbs which can bring happiness to everyone.