Little Witch Co. - Dress Remaking Shop by Yasuko Ambiru
A witch called Silk, the owner of the shop, alters dresses wholeheartedly without using magic. Nana, a human girl, finds the shop in the woods. They use their brilliant ideas and expertise to handle the orders to alter clothes sent in from the creatures in the woods. Every book shows a loving story and includes instructions to make a simple handicraft.

Age 8 ups, 128 pages, 220x160mm Rights sold : Taiwan, China
Book list
Vol. 1
Dress Remaking Shop
A shop that Nana found in the woods one day was an old establishment that was known to all kinds of creatures except humans.
Vol. 2
Out on a Magical Trip
Nana and her magical friends are overjoyed to get on the magical trip carpet, headed for their second house for summer vacation. However, they have no idea what their destination is like or what are waiting for them there....
Vol. 3
A Dress for the Beauty Queen
The Snow Queen Christa comes to the shop to ask them to make over a dress to wear for this year's beauty contest.
Vol. 4
How to Tame a Dragon
Silk's aunt asks her to look after her pet for her, but this naughty baby dragon Pinky causes a lot of trouble.
Vol. 5
Missing Magical Diamond
The black cat diamond that was planted in one of Silk's thimbles disappeared. Cotton, a servant, worries that the black cat had run away from home, because magical tools sometimes lose their temper.
Vol. 6
Cotton's Summer Vacation
Cotton is given a three-day leave by Silk to join a relaxation trip organized by the ASC (Association of Servant Cats). However, Cotton doesn't look really happy about this....
Vol. 7
Next Customer,Please-A Ghost?
Silk is asked to make over Sheet Ghost's white dress. What is Silk going to do with just a sheet of white cloth?
Vol. 8
Trouble Tuesday
Fairy Queen asked Silk to alter her dress the way it used to be, but what the queen received was somewhat different in design. What is the queen going to do?…
Vol. 9
Ruby Master for Magic
Silk happens to hear that the winner at the contest will get the title of Ruby Master. She gets immersed in winning the title so much that she declines all her customers' orders. Nana gets upset about it and they have a quarrel.
Vol. 10
A Musical by the Calico Cats Company
A small touring company comes to the woods. Silk takes an order to make over their costumes.
Vol. 11
A Letter from Supica the Witch
Silk gets a letter from Supica, the fortune-telling witch. Everyone is surprised at the prophecy in the letter, and besides she has to look after Pinky again.
Vol. 12
No Sales-Witches,Please
Silk purchases various kinds of "pockets" from a witch selling magic pockets. She and Nana try to think of how to make the most of them.
Vol. 13
Stardust Black Dress
The tailor witch who manages a branch store makes a huge mistake in the order of a wedding dress for a daughter of a highly distinguished family. What advice should Silk give?
Vol. 14
Nana's Dandelion Carnival
Nana decides to visit "Dandelion Carnival." The rule is that everyone should be dressed in yellow to enter the carnival. What should Nana wear?